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Family fishing from canoe on the lake. 


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The Rhinelander Area is an outstanding hunting destination for ruffed grouse, white-tailed deer, wild turkey and black bear. White-tailed deer hunting is excellent throughout Hodag Country, with a good number of bucks taken in both the bow and gun seasons. The wild turkey population has been growing in the Rhinelander area and turkeys have become an exciting hunting opportunity. In the forests of the Rhinelander Area, black bear are plentiful and can reach an impressive size.


The ruffed grouse hunting in Hodag Country is second to none. The Rhinelander Area is one of the best places on earth to hunt for these wary woodland birds. The mix of young forests, conifers and hardwoods creates the highest quality ruffed grouse habitat.

You’ll find grouse population densities rivaling
any other hunting destination in the Midwest.


The hunting in Northern Wisconsin is in a definite swing up. The amount of birds that I have been flushing (not necessarily hitting!) has more that doubled in 2011. It is expected to nearly double again this year. The grouse population as predicted by the Wisconsin DNR is suppose to be increasing every year for the next 3-4 years. It is a good time to be in the woods chasing grouse and woodcock.

I have a Brittany Spaniel that will make you tired
just watching him go. He is a joy to watch hunt. I
also have a Lab that is equally enthusiastic about
hunting. The combination of the two can lead to
some explosive action.

If you enjoy wing shooting you have to give it a try!!

Scott Biscobing


Caught 2  ruffled grouse.


Whitetail Deer

Wisconsin has many diverse habitats within the State, and there are particular area’s where the natural habitat encourage antler growth on Whitetail deer that is unsurpassed anywhere else in North America.

There are also areas in Northern Wisconsin that hold larger numbers of mature deer per square mile of habitat than others. The vast open space combined with an unmatched natural habitat and the least hunting pressure is the combination a traveling hunter should look for to harvest a mature Wisconsin Whitetail Buck. Northern Wisconsin has those very conditions.

Unlike Southern Wisconsin which is mostly private land, Northern Wisconsin has hundreds of square miles of public hunting land, leading to lower hunting pressure, plus, you will capture the true essence of Wisconsin's Northwoods.

Trophy deer caught at Holiday Acres.

Deer Hunters!
While in Rhinelander, visit Holiday Acres Three  Coins Dining and Lounge and see this Trophy Buck. Read the Story.


MEL'S TRADING POST 105 South Brown St.
Phone Number: 715-362-5800
Complete line of shot guns, rifles, ammunition,
top quality fishing equipment and a large supply of sporting goods.

Complete line of maps showing topography
and fishing locations of the Rhinelander
Area Lakes.
1853 N Stevens St
Rhinelander, WI. 54501

Phone: 715-365-5555

Our service fishes many of
the area lakes. We fish for
musky, walleye and small
and largemouth bass.If you
are just looking to get some
pan fish for a fish fry or some great action for the kids, we
can also handle those
requests. We also offer
opportunities for a full day
(8-9 hours) of fishing, half
days (4-5 hours) of fishing
and also split days 4-5
hours in the morning and
4-5 hours in the evening.
So if you want to spend some
time on the water to learn
some new tactics and enjoy
the beauty of the Northwoods,
just give us a call.

Scott Biscobing
Go to my website for the latest fishing reports and pricing.We offer pickup and drop off right at your cabin!

Phone: 715-282-6314

    My name is Norm  
    Wild. I guide in Oneida
    and Vilas counties of 
    Wisconsin, and I have
    over fifteen years of
    musky experience on
    these waters. I welcome
    the opportunity to share
    that experience in my
    boat with you.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first time musky hunter, I look forward to an exciting day on the water that is guaranteed to be a learning experience. Please go to my website for more info.



Many people
have known me as the previous owner of Buck's Northwoods Sporting Goods in Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin, where I owned and operated my guide service for more than 30 years. Nowadays, I am a full-time professional guide for all of Oneida and Vilas Counties, offering complete guide services for bass, walleye, pan fish, northern, and the elusive trophy musky.

Please go to my website for more info


Joe Bukovich

Brett-Chariton licensed guide.

Call me at 715-360-0788 to set
up a time.
Fishing for walleye, northern pike bass? Then enjoy a day on the water with fishing guide Brett Chariton.

Brett provides quality fishing trips on many Oneida County lakes. He has spent many hours fishing Northern Wisconsin lakes and enjoys giving customers a safe and memorable fishing trip.

Don't forget your camera!

Full and half day rates.

42 inch musky

Contact us today for your
 I make bucktails,
leaders, and earrings.

Hendos Angling Expedition
5480 Lake Julia Road


My name is Andy Hendrickson and I guide in Oneida and Vilas Counties.
I am a Military Veteran, business owner and operator.  I guide for  Musky, Bass, Walleye, and Pan fish and I am a fully equipped and
licensed guide. I offer multiple options of guiding to fit your needs.


Visit me on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/


  I have spent countless hours 
  on the water fishing for 
  panfish, walleye, musky
  and pike. I guide open
  water and ice fishing during
  the winter months. I believe
  fishing is all about learning,
  making memories and
  having fun.
  During an outing you will
  learn about proper casting
  and rigging, how to use
  specific baits artificial or
  live. Proper boat control
  and handling, lake map
  reading and locations to
  target fish during the
  season. Let my knowledge 
  work for you while enjoying  
  your next stay in the

      Dan Gropengieser

THE FISHING HOLE: 3460 Faust Lake Rd.
Phone Number: 715-362-1510

:  669 W Kemp St.
Phone Number:
715-362-4144. Minnows, Crawlers, Worms and Leeches.
Basic tackle.

WEST SIDE SHELL: Junction of K and Hwy 47.
Phone Number 715-369-3131
Minnows, Crawlers, Worms and Leeches. Basic tackle.